Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy
Thank you for your donations. The War Horse Project is an equine-assisted psychotherapy program intended for Canadian Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and Corrections Officers who have been adversely affected by trauma. This program has provided lasting and measurable benefits not achieved with conventional therapies alone.

The Story behind the Picture The Story behind the Picture
This Afganistan war veteran built a very special bond with Lilly, who does not like to have her face touched. As their relationship grew in trust and respect, Lilly allowed Andrew to touch her face.
Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an effective approach to human development through horsemanship. Participants engage in one on one and team-emphasized exercises and find themselves learning valuable skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere while working through the dynamics of horses.

Equine Assisted Learning can be a very powerful journey of facilitating participants in learning alternative skills to draw from when faced with difficult challenges in an effort to overcome negative influences. This particular style of learning helps individuals better understand themselves as they participate in exercises designed around understanding the nature of "the horse" by recognizing their unique body language.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is an alternative to psychotherapy conducted in a traditional office setting. It makes use of the natural attributes of the horse combined with the skill and experience of the therapist and equine professional. EAP assists people in making the personal changes in their lives that they have not been able to accomplish on their own. Good therapy always involves developing or re-activating a person's own natural ability to bring about positive change and healing. Through a series of exercises using horses, the facilitators create metaphors based on observations of the exercise. The client may then identify and resolve problems in a new way, and support the journey to new possibilities.

Sessions are geared to age appropriate activities so we can accommodate age groups. Equine Assisted Learning sessions may also be scheduled weekly, individual or group sessions, often in a 10 week program. Please inquire!

Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy

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