Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy
Thank you for your donations. The War Horse Project is an equine-assisted psychotherapy program intended for Canadian Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and Corrections Officers who have been adversely affected by trauma. This program has provided lasting and measurable benefits not achieved with conventional therapies alone.

The Story behind the Picture The Story behind the Picture
Robin and Dakota are close, long-time buds that work together for all the War Horse sessions. They're taking a quiet moment together after one of many sessions with the veterans.

Hope Reins Definition of PTSD (Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder):
PTSD may occur when a person has a normal reaction to an absnormal situation.

"Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is aligned to the discipline of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) which has a longer history of eliciting therapeutic benefits through the use of animals. Chardonnens (2009, p.324) asserted that animals - but especially horses - are great Ďaidsí, in part through their ability to encourage hostile people to engage with the therapeutic process."

~ The Horse Course at HMP/YOI Portland

The Horse Course at HMP/YOI Portland
The Horse Course aims to teach psychological and emotional self-control through an intensive course with two specially trained horses. The horses give reliable and accurate feedback on participantsí calmness and focus and the course is highly structured and challenging, allowing participants to develop and test their ability to stay calm under pressure, set goals and stick at them despite frustrations, and to become confident as learners.

Horses and Humans Autism Report 2008
by Horses & Humans Research Foundation. This report defines the Effect of Equine Assisted Activities on the Social Functioning in Children with Autism. Research Team: Good Hope Equestrian Training Center, Inc.

Maltreatment and the Developing Child: How Early Childhood Experience Shapes Child and Culture by Dr. Perry
Dr. Perry is an internationally recognized authority on child trauma and the effects of child maltreatment. His work is instrumental in understanding the impact of traumatic experiences and neglect on the neurobiology of the developing brain. He presented the inaugural Margaret McCain lecture on September 23, 2004.

Effects of Tramatic Events on Children
This booklet is one in a series developed by the ChildTrauma Academy to assist parents, caregivers, teachers and various professionals working with maltreated and traumatized children.

Defense Health Board Task Force on Mental Health
The costs of military service are substantial. Many costs are readily apparent; others are less apparent but no less important. Among the most pervasive and potentially disabling consequences of these costs is the threat to the psychological health of our nationís fighting forces.

Exploring Positive Mental Heath by the Institute for Health Information

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