Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy
Thank you for your donations. The War Horse Project is an equine-assisted psychotherapy program intended for Canadian Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and Corrections Officers who have been adversely affected by trauma. This program has provided lasting and measurable benefits not achieved with conventional therapies alone.

The Story behind the Picture The Story behind the Picture
This War Veteran loved Mocha. Sadly, a tragic freak accident suddenly took her life, which gave Pierre an opportunity to examine how loss/grief impacted his PTSD diagnosis and how to find meaning again.

Horses are consummately honest creatures and will require the human to be honest in return. As the learning relationship between horse and human develops, the human member may try to use the same coping mechanisms as they do with other stressful aspects their lives. But, the horse will not respond favourably to such ... manure. It will insist that a balanced relationship be built.

Horses live in the moment, and therefore offer immediate, honest feedback. The experience of working with a horse provides an opportunity to gain insight by making mistakes, understanding consequences, and achieving successes.

Since horses require work: care, training, and riding, participants learn that the easy way is not the right way. To find success, they will learn that horses require physical and mental work a valuable characteristic in all aspects of life. Most importantly, horses have the ability to mirror exactly what body language tells them. "This horse is stubborn," or "this horse doesn't like me." The lesson to be learned is that if the human changes themselves, the horse responds differently. Horses can't lie. It is through this honesty that makes a powerful learning and message. The bottom line: it works.

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